Sister Patricia Alphelia Lester

Sister Patricia Lester, the daughter of Willie & Mary Stanley was born and raised in the state of Florida.  She is the oldest of seven children.  Her mother had to work six days a week, so Sis. Lester learned at an early age how to cook, wash clothes, clean, and care for her siblings.  Her mother, Mother Mary Stanley was a member of the Church of God By Faith in Delray Beach, Florida.  She was the prime example of a devoted spiritual minded believer who taught her children the ways of the Lord.  It was this example of discipleship that lead Sis Lester to receive Christ at the age of 16 under the leadership of Willie C. Smith.  Sis. Lester graduated from Pompano Beach High receiving many awards in Business Administration.  She excelled at shorthand, accounting, and bookkeeping.  She became an expert typist, typing almost 100 words per minute.  After graduation she attended a local community college to begin her studies in Business Law to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer.  She desired to go to Washington D.C. to fight for social injustices, however God had a different plan for her life.God had chosen for her to marry Bro. Cannie Lester.  Brother Cannie Lester was called into the ministry so the couple was married and moved to his home state of Georgia.  To this union, God gave them two sons, two daughters in law, and nine grandchildren. Sis. Lester works side by side with her husband Elder Cannie Lester Sr. in many of the ministries of the church.  Elder Lester is the pastor of the Church of God By Faith in Hawkinsville, Ga.  She presently works as Choir Director, Assistant Sunday School Teacher, Chairperson of the Program Committee, Vice President of the Central Georgia Home Mission Department, and serves on the Mother Board.   She truly has followed the example of Mary Stanley who has gone home to be with the Lord.

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